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"Only I can change my life.  No one can change it for me."  Believe in yourself and your abilities.  Keep working hard!

  February 2019

Happy New Year!!!
-Keep checking for updates and information

Please stay up to date with student information, college visit days, and scholarship information here!!


-FAFSA is available to fill out OCTOBER 1!!  ALL college bound students need to fill it out.  The sooner it is filled out the better.
-Please notice a change in the scholarship links.  Local scholarships have their own link now.
-Be checking your mailbox and email at school for scholarship information from Mrs. Cearlock.
-Be looking up scholarships on your own as well.  So many are out there!!

-  Tuesday, January 22 Meeting with Mrs. Cearlock
- SAT is April 9, 2019

- Thursday, January 24 Meeting with Mrs. Cearlock
- PSAT 10 April 9, 2019


- Friday, January 25 Meeting with Mrs. Cearlock
- PSAT 9 April 9, 2019

Looking ahead
-  Testing for Juniors thru Freshman April 9, 2019

**Scholarships!!!  Please look on my scholarship link!!  Also look under College & Career Resources.  Students are also encouraged to research scholarships themselves, as there are many out there.  Colleges and Universities will also have scholarships listed on their websites.  Scholarship information will be updated throughout the school year.  Scholarships are due at different times and you will need to look closely at due dates.

Students, never give up!!  Stay focused and do not get behind.  It is much harder to play catch than to just stay on top of your school work from the get go.

Have a wonderful school year!!